VIDATUM Research Management (CRIS)

Your entire research journey in one place 

With Vidatum’s Research Management platform, you can streamline your research management processes and easily access all the information you need in one place. 

Showcase your research capabilities through our comprehensive Research Management platform. 

At Vidatum, we understand the importance of having a complete overview of a researcher’s academic profile. That’s why we’ve created a Research Management platform that captures every detail, including research outputs, professional details, teaching and learning activities and research activities. 

  • Showcase your research globally
  • Easy research reporting
  • Auto-retrieve from top publication sources
  • Choose data sources that matter most
  • Quickly publish researcher profiles
  • Activity and impact reporting
  • Seamless integration and smooth workflow
  • Simple national reporting

Free up time with seamless integration 

Maximize Research Efficiency with Vidatum’s Integrated Management System Vidatum’s Research Management platform seamlessly integrates with key internal systems at your institution, minimizing duplication and ensuring data quality. 

  • Automatically populate user profile from your institute’s HR system or user directory and delegate authentication for seamless single sign on.
  • Teaching and learning activities are retrieved directly from your institution’s Student Management System, and published profiles are automatically updated on your institution’s website. 
  • Full-text versions of research output are uploaded and synchronized with your institute’s repository.  

VIDATUM Grant Management

Full grant lifecycle management (Pre-award and Post-award)

Streamline Your Research Funding and Track Projects with Ease

With our Grant Management solution, you’ll have access to a comprehensive platform for managing your research funding. With our grant lifecycle management feature, you’ll be able to track every stage of your project, from proposal intent to full project award. Our structure is both user-friendly and compliant, helping you meet institutional policies and guidelines while also simplifying the process.

  • Full Grant Lifecycle management (Pre-award and Post-award)
  • Full economic costing, contract negotiation, and approval tracking
  • Communicate more efficiently with funders
  • Ensure that all key stakeholders are involved in the project lifecycle
  • Custom forms and comprehensive support
  • Integration with specialist research funding databases

Customised Forms

Tailor forms to model your own processes and data requirements

We understand that every institution has different data capture requirements. That’s why our Grant Management platform allows you to create different forms for each stage of the grant lifecycle — from initial intent through to a live grant. Forms can also be customised, allowing you to capture data that is accurately tailored to your requirements, and ultimately reducing the chances of data entry errors.


Accurately map internal processes with our powerful workflow builder

Managing grant proposals, ethics reviews, and timesheets can be a challenging process. With our workflow builder, you can:

  • Determine who approves each entry and when
  • Requests can be organized by team, funder, department, or faculty
  • Approvers need only to review items that meet specific criteria, making the process more efficient
  • Our administrator control feature allows you to manage the list of approvers and identify backlogs to minimize delays
  • Notifications remind users of upcoming tasks and when relevant entries are submitted, approved, or need to be amended

Project Costing

Capture detailed project budgets with multiple budget templates and full economic costing

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your HR system to provide accurate salary data and incorporates funder-specific rules such as Full Economic Costing (fEC), inflation, and automatic increments for precise costing and pricing of bids.


Reduce overheads and improve data quality

Our Grant Management feature enables you to split requests by team, funder, department or faculty, ensuring that approvers only need to review items that match specific criteria. With administrator control, backlogs are easily identified and workflows can be re-routed to minimize delays for all users.


Simplify complex ethics applications with our customizable platform

Streamline your ethics application processes

Our Ethics platform displays your specific forms, workflows, terminology and processes for streamlined review and approval. With comprehensive reporting, transparency, and time-saving features, Vidatum Ethics is ideal for institutions seeking to simplify their application process.

  • Delegate tasks to other reviewers when needed
  • Full oversight of the application process
  • Privacy settings to protect anonymity of the review process
  • Capture detailed comments from multiple parties
  • Integrity at every step through change notifications
  • Accommodates external reviewers

Customised Forms

Streamline Your Ethics Application Process with Vidatum’s User-Friendly Forms

From simple data collection to complex online data capture forms, our Ethics platform supports multiple form types. Our forms are user-friendly and easy to navigate, with relevant questions generated based on your answers to previous questions. With terminology, committee names, and methodology tailored to reflect the institution’s requirements, Vidatum’s Ethics platform ensures a seamless application process.

Review Committees and Meetings

Enabling More Efficient Review Processes

Vidatum’s Ethics platform streamlines the review process by allowing institutions to set up multiple review committees, each with their own members and chairs. Ethics requests can then be assigned to one or more committees, either automatically based on request details like departments, schools, risk, or type, or manually by an Ethics Administrator allowing you to:

  • Assign reviewers from different committees
  • Set up meetings for each review committee with submission deadlines and assign ethics requests to specific meetings
  • Receive meeting reminders and a summary of meeting requests, helping ensure efficient and effective review processes


Our Vidatum Workflow solution is designed to identify low-risk applications that can be approved with fewer reviews, saving you valuable time and resources.

To further expedite the approval process, Vidatum Ethics automatically routes requests to the most suitable reviewers and committees based on factors like applicant category, discipline, and application class. If needed, administrators can also manually assign reviewers.

We know that keeping track of ethics applications is crucial, which is why our system sends notifications to keep you informed of progress. You’ll receive alerts for tasks, approvals, amendments, and reviews, ensuring that you always know what’s happening with your requests.

VIDATUM Timesheets

Streamline Your Institution’s Time Tracking with Vidatum Timesheets

With Vidatum Timesheets, you can now manage staff time tracking with ease without cumbersome spreadsheets and emails. Our customizable system integrates with your internal processes, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Get comprehensive reporting and transparency at every stage of the time tracking process.

  • Track time easily and efficiently with a user-friendly interface
  • Customize timesheets to fit your specific needs
  • Record time against both project and non-project activities using multiple working calendars for improved data quality
  • Ensure timesheets are reviewed and approved by relevant people for accuracy and compliance
  • Simplify project cost tracking and funder returns

Working Calendars

Streamlined time tracking across your institution

Ensure accurate time tracking with our Working Calendars feature. Our calendars are adaptable allowing you to choose timesheet entry parameters, eliminating errors and improving efficiency. Setup on an annual basis, our calendars can be easily copied from year to year for a seamless experience.

  • Track time easily and efficiently with a user-friendly interface
  • Customize timesheets to fit your specific needs
  • Record time against both project and non-project activities using multiple working calendars for improved data quality
  • Ensure timesheets are reviewed and approved by relevant people for accuracy and compliance
  • Simplify project cost tracking and funder returns

Working Patterns

Pre-screen timesheets for improved data quality

Simplify time tracking with our Working Patterns feature. Import patterns from your HR system or manually configure them in our system. With an unlimited number of patterns available, our system caters to all staff contract types, ensuring accurate time capture for each user.

Timesheet Approvals

Efficient Timesheet Approvals with our Routing Feature

Streamline the approval process by routing timesheets to the most appropriate approver. Based on factors such as discipline or direct line manager/supervisor, our system ensures timely and accurate approvals. Alternatively, timesheets can be routed to a timesheet administrator who can manually assign approvers.

Flexible Structure

Intuitive and Comprehensive Time Tracking.

Our system automatically displays all research projects a staff member is part of and allows hours to be recorded against specific projects, including work packages. Additionally, our non-project categories allow for detailed capture of how staff are spending their time, whether it be a project or non-project related task, ensuring more accurate reporting.

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