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Simplifying Research Management

Managing research activities in an institution is a complex and time consuming job.

Our powerful intuitive cloud-based solution is designed with research administrators in mind.  Vidatum Academic fulfills the needs of researchers and administrators in all stages of the administrative process.

Discover our Comprehensive Research Platform


Complete visibility over the entire project life cycle covering the entire pre-award and post-award processes to project closure.

Data Capture

Extensible data capture allowing for customised forms by project type, submission type, and other criteria.


Integration with HR, finance, university websites, online data sources, data warehouses, and many others.


Powerful workflow engine to accurately control submissions, monitor approvals, and record history of all changes.

RCSI has very detailed and complex Ethics Applications. Our application review process is lengthy with numerous stakeholders. Vidatum has catered for a Human Application with 500+ fields and an Animal Application with 100+ fields. Vidatum, with significant conditional processing via dynamic forms, have simplified and streamlined what were risk prone manual outdated processes.”

“By integrating Vidatum Academic with our website, it’s a great way for our academic staff to profile their expertise to a global audience.”
“The implementation of Vidatum
Timesheets at the University of
Warwick gave us timely, reliable
timesheets. It helped save a huge
amount of admin time and it makes
reporting to funders and government
bodies much easier. We chose to run
with Vidatum as a timesheet solution
because the Vidatum team fully
understand the academic space and
spoke our language in terms of the
research life cycle. The Vidatum
implementation has more than
exceeded our expectations in terms
of benefits.”

“Working with Vidatum is truly collaborative. Vidatum closely engage with us to bring new functionality to capture the research and enterprise engagement activity at DCU.”
“This flexibility and customer service allows us to showcase the quality and diversity of our research to institutional and external stakeholders. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Vidatum to further develop our system.”