Comprehensive Research Management solutions

The main functions of an academic institution have not changed much from the time of the first universities in Europe. Research and good teaching practice represent the core purpose of higher education bodies. What has changed in advanced academic institutions are the processes in which these core functions are managed and delivered.

Complete control and oversight over the entire project lifecycle, ethics requests, and staff timesheets

Comprehensive capture and reporting of researcher profiles and research activities

integration with hr, finance, university websites, online data sources, and many others.

Our Solutions

Vidatum Academic

Fully integrated, comprehensive research suite of products including: Research Management, Projects, Ethics, Timesheets.


Research Information System with staff profiles, publications database, integration with online sources, and CV publishing.


Full lifecycle Grant Management system with custom forms, workflows, and project budgeting tools.


Integrated Ethics Reviews module with custom forms, workflows, and ethics committee management


Project and non-project staff time tracking with supervisor approval, custom calendars, and staff working patterns

Custom Solutions

Custom developed systems for for course, student application, and teacher support.

RSS System Manager

By integrating VIDATUM Academic with our website, it’s a great way for our academic staff to profile their expertise to a global audience.”

Director of Research Development

The custom PT and profile reports are excellent, very comprehensive and easy to use. The data that can be extracted is valuable in particular for projections, KPIs etc. both at institutional and departmental level. It allows Head of Departments to monitor departmental profiles and administration to project and forecast potential research income and other outputs.

Deputy Directory

The nature of the supports we provide for teachers change as needs arise. We have to respond quickly to these changing needs and our web presence is our window to the world. Vidatum have to be responsive when we need them to.

IT Programme Director

RCSI’s relationship with Vidatum is best described as partnership. Vidatum team worked closely with RCSI Team to understand the issues and inefficiencies with our existing processes. Vidatum assisted RCSI in designing a suitable solution. Their iterative approach to delivery ensured our stakeholders had full view and understanding of the project progress and enabled them to trial and evaluate the solution.

Senior Research Officer

Working with Vidatum Technologies has been a truly collaborative partnership – they have been open to developing functionality which captures the research and enterprise engagement activity undertaken by the DCU research community. This flexibility in approach and ongoing customer support facilitates our institutional reporting requirements and allows us to showcase the quality and diversity of our research to external stakeholders. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Vidatum Technologies to further develop the capabilities of our system.  Vidatum developers were able to work in conjunction with DCU IT services to overcome technical hurdles in a prompt and efficient manner.