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ORCID Integration

Vidatum Research incorporates advanced integration with ORCID to allow users to synchronise data between Vidatum Research and their ORCiD account. As an institute you can ensure that you are automatically affiliated with the user as part of the synchronisation.

Data Interchange

Accurate mapping between Vidatum Research and ORCID

To cater for accurate data interchange between the systems, the structure of Vidatum Research professional details and works tables cater for all data captured in an ORCiD record.

Additional fields (including any custom fields) in Vidatum Research can be retained by the institution and these do not necessarily have to synchronise with an ORCID record.

Institute Affiliation

At an institution level Vidatum Research captures information about your institute including the name, address and Organisation GRID identifier. This information is used for the automatic assertion of affiliation.

User Controlled

Vidatum Research has several user-controlled settings to allow the profile owner to control the extent of the integration with ORCiD. These include works to send (all or online sources only), affiliation type (student or employer), the list of Vidatum Research entities to maintain (e.g. works, education employment and so on) and ORCiD permissions (read-only or read / write).


To help users track changes Vidatum Research logs updates to the ORCID record and the Vidatum Research Profile each time the interface is run. Each log contains a list of all records uploaded to ORCiD and details of the last download of data from the ORCID record.

Data Synchronisation

Vidatum Research features advanced two way synchronisation of user profile information with ORCID, allowing users to record their data on either platform to accomodate a wide variety of working practices.


The synchronisation between Vidatum Research and ORCiD supports downloading the biography information from an ORCID record. Any changes a user makes to their biography in ORCiD will be automatically reflected in the Vidatum Research Profile – no user intervention required.

Professional Details

Vidatum Research synchronises all common Professional Details information including affiliations, employment, Education and Qualifications, memberships, service and funding. In all cases synchronisation between the ORCiD record and the Vidatum Profile includes the creation of records, the updating of records and the deletion of records when an entity is deleted from Vidatum Research.

Records which originate in Vidatum Research are added to the ORCiD record as part of the synchronisation job. ORCiD ensures that data added during the synchronisation is not editable in the ORCID record. If the user needs to modify a record, they can do so directly in Vidatum Research and the synchronisation job will ensure that changes are reflected in the ORCID record.

Records which originate in ORCiD will be reflected in Vidatum Research. To ensure that records do not diverge between the two systems, Vidatum Research ensures that all data originating in ORCiD is read-only in Vidatum Research. Records which require modification should be modified in the ORCID record and the synchronisation job will ensure that changes are reflected in the Vidatum Research profile.

Works / Publications

Vidatum Research supports the additional ORCiD works concepts of multiple sources. When publications are received from ORCiD they are automatically matched with any existing records in Vidatum Research, either by using an existing ORCiD identifier, a DOI identifier or an external identifier from Web of Science, SCOPUS or PubMed.  Works matches from an ORCID record are added as a new source for the matched Vidatum Research works record. Unmatched works will instigate the creation of a new works record.

Vidatum Research originating works are synchronised with ORCiD. As with all entities added to an ORCiD record, works records are created as read-only.