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Our Products

Simplifying research administration is the driving force behind the creation of Vidatum Academic.  The full suite of cloud-based research management products bridges the gap between researchers and administrators, ensuring a seamless workflow between all departments. 

Working with leading institutions of Higher Education in Ireland and Europe has enabled us to address every stage of the research process using one of our intuitive solutions to ensure quality of data and complete control over the life cycle of projects with full integration with all other systems in the process.

For all stages of the research cycle.


Vidatum Academic is now available as a pre-configured cloud service. Easy to implement and roll out, simple to maintain.

Simple, Quick Implementation

Pre-configured with industry best practices means implementation and rollout is simple and quick.

Cloud Hosted

Cloud hosted with no separate infrastructure costs and no maintenance required.

Simple Annual Billing

No Upfront fees, simple annual billing structure based on user numbers and modules in use.