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Streamline capture, review and approval of staff timesheets. With comprehensive reporting, transparency and time-savings at every stage, Vidatum Academic Timesheets assures time tracking governance across an institution.

Vidatum Timesheets is configured to your institution’s timesheet forms, workflow, terminology and processes. It integrates with your internal systems to automatically retrieve personnel details, projects, and any other activity used in timesheets.

Watch our 3-minute demo for Vidatum Timesheets and see firsthand the features designed to save you time and ensure accuracy in funder returns.

Working Calendars

Multiple working calendars to ensure correct timesheets

Working Calendars enforce timesheet entry against days where your Institution is open. The calendar has two components: the weekly days’ timesheets can be entered against and days which your institution is closed. Together these days ensure that hours can only be entered against days which your institution is open.

Working calendars are setup on an annual basis and can be easily copied from year to year.

Working Patterns

Pre-screen timesheets for improved data quality

Working patterns define the daily or weekly hours that classes of staff can record. Patterns can be imported from your HR system or manually configured in Vidatum Academic Timesheets. An unlimited number of working patterns can be created to cater for all staff contract types ensuring that times are accurately captured for each user, eliminating any requirement for approvers to be concerned with this aspect of the timesheet they are reviewing.

Rules for assigning staff to working patterns can be setup to cater for scenarios where users do not have timesheet patterns assigned to them.

Timesheet Approvals

Ensure timesheets are reviewed and approved by relevant personnel

Timesheets are routed to the most appropriate approver, based on any number of factors but typically their discipline or direct line manager / supervisor. Alternatively, timesheets can be routed to a timesheet administrator who can manually assign approvers.

Timesheets from students and researchers who are supervised can be automatically routed to their supervisor for review as a first step in the approval process.

Flexible Structure

Capture research and non-research activites in line with institution priorities

Timesheet data entry can cover both research project work and non-project categories.

Vidatum Academic automatically shows all research projects the staff member is part of and allows their hours to be recorded against specific projects. Further division of projects into work packages is also supported.

Non-project categories allow capture of more detail on how staff are spending their non-project time, be it productively on teaching / supervising tasks or non-productively on leave, the system captures this information to support detailed reporting.

Timesheet approver who cannot complete assigned tasks can delegate access to their account to other reviewers to complete tasks.

Configure rules to control when timesheets can be filled on a category by category basis.

Management reporting to monitor timesheet compliance within the Institution, run reports instantly or schedule reports that arrive automatically in your email