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Custom Solutions

Education Solutions

Custom solutions leveraging our experience in the education sector

Capture and management of information is crucial in all areas, and educational organisations are no different. We leverage our experience in the education area to design and develop solutions to specialised requirements that are often complex and require customised solutions. We have worked with governmment agencies to develop solutions for supporting teacher development, curriculum development, adult and life-long learning.


Custom solutions leveraging our experience in the education sector

.NET and Office365 have become one of the key technologies that educational institutions use for many aspects of the daily processes. .NET is a mature, cross-platform software development stack that provides rich functionality in areas such as security, integration, performance, and re-usability. With it’s deep links to other Microsoft technologies such as Office365 and Sharepoint, it allows customised solutions to seamlessly connect with the outside world and the educational institutions other services.

Our key products are built using .NET, and our software development teams are specialised and experienced in developing large, complex solutions efficiently and effectively.


Responsive design built in

The way people access information has changed radically. People are using more mobile devices and less traditional computers. Organisations have to deal with this reality and provide their users with systems that respond to the specific type of device accessing it. A well-design responsive system operates effectively on smartphones, tablets, and traditional computers.

At Vidatum, responsive design takes place at the very beginning of every project. We focus not just on the technical aspects of the design, but also on the usability of each screen within our systems, in order to ensure that users can use our systems easily and effectively.


Reliable and Scalable software architectures and databases

We understand how important it is for clients’ systems to meet the demands of busy users. Our solutions are architected with this in mind.

We develop solutions on a variety of the main cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, and Oracle Cloud. We utilise the services that these providers offer to build scalability, information security, and contingency planning to ensure that our solutions can grow as the client’s needs do.

We also recognise databases are key component of most systems and not an afterthought. We have worked with Oracle and Microsoft databases in almost all cases since our inception. Our design and development teams are skills in designing information schema that is efficient, effective, and scalable.